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Corporate culture in mind three Ya Motuo fifth section
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"Cultural cohesion force music flying dreams"

Three Ya Motuo Festival party on the fifth business on November 12 in three elegant square was held within the company. More than a thousand employees and

their families, corporate leaders, distributors, the industry media reporters and government leaders gathered together to celebrate this grand cultural

festival. Or five hard and five deposition load, three elegant flower of the fifth session of the corporate culture gorgeous bloom.

Party officially began, the three elegant speech, general manager, Lee first relevant state departments, Conghua levels of government, community,

dealers and other support for the three elegant to express my sincere thanks for participating in this evening's guests a warm welcome! Lee passionate speech

affirmed the company's corporate culture, corporate culture in all aspects of the achievements of an objective summary of, but also that "promote green

manufacturing energy-saving products, is the wish of every three Masato and pursuit! three Masato sweat today's wonderful writing, public-spirited and build

a harmonious home is a three elegant green mission! "This festival is an opportunity for companies to promote music motorcycle. Three elegant music

motorcycle the company advocates green environmental protection, tapping the potential energy, build a green home of the witness.

General manager of the words make all three Masato see more environmentally friendly three elegant; warm applause, applause is dedicated to the three elegant

at the helm, is dedicated to their own, because we sweat to write a wonderful achievement that we will use the sweat Three more green Ya!

Conghua Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Mr. Fang Jizhang for speech, the three elegant building of the company over the years in the cultural achievements

of local and industry contributions gave a high evaluation and fully affirmed. Mayor parties in the content of the speech, said: "In recent years as the

global economic downturn, the industry difficult, especially in the motorcycle industry in serious decline this year, including first-line brand-way downward

trend, and we three elegant motorcycle production and sales 32% of the growth there, which over the years, the company said three elegant swirl stick to

their self-developed products are highly competitive. has been recognized by the market and believe in the days after, three elegant music will open a new

motorcycle the world. "leadership certainly more determined pursuit of the green three Masato carbon determination. Three elegant dealer representatives,

suppliers, also delivered speeches respectively on behalf of three elegant corporate success of the festival congratulated, while the three Heuer has been

the enthusiasm of service, honesty, good management of human development and to give a consistent identity.

Protection of green, spread corporate culture, three elegant company in five years the festival has done a far-reaching review, summed up over the years,

three elegant building of enterprise culture bit by bit, and three scenes of elegant public good reproducibility, all three show Ya's rich cultural and

social welfare of love.

Three elegant passion for green, three elegant love department of education, and from 2007 we Tong Primary School on the Pacific Conghua indissoluble bond,

on the pond today, school children also came to the party scene, but with cheerful innocence dance, to show the children the spirit of vigorous, that dance

is love is hope. They use the most simple way to express the company on three elegant gratitude.

The evening program for the majority of employees self-direction, demonstrating the versatility of three Masato, Masato everywhere to make the wisdom of the

current three, magnificent large opening dance, "Brave Heart" performances so eye-openers "culture power "Festival of the previous weight again now before

us, the three Masato passion and vitality, tenacity and hard work to show its head, and this spirit will be in the end. The nine festival program is divided

into singing, dancing, theater, comedy, stunts five categories. Drama: "Music, for motor different" from the center of a unique marketing ideas, so that

everyone fresh. Pieces: "Modern West" by the Technology and Development collaboration of humor is laughing audience. Motorcycle stunts outside your program,

showing all three Ya Motuo performance! Driver has even played with superb car.

Music launch of motorcycle motorcycle industry trends include the course, three elegant music to the masses not the same as the motor of life. Masato in the

evening on the last three that will work hand in hand quality cost-effective development of enterprises played the strongest voice. Looking back, full of the

joy of harvest; Looking ahead, full of confidence in the victory. Three Masato first line of the road, will continue to sail, the three will be more elegant

and glorious dreams, three elegant tomorrow will be better!

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