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Michelin tire introduced dedicated the Dakar Rally
Author:  Date:2011-12-13  Clicks:4939  

Michelin is about to join an official partner of KTM, BMW, Aprilia and Yamaha team battle in 2011 Dakar Rally (motorcycle group) game - and specifically for the 450cc race in the Dakar Rally dedicated to create a new MICHELIN Desert Race tires.

This new product was born in France, Clermont - Ferrand Michelin R & D center to meet the new 450cc prototype race car. With 30 years of off-road rally in the accumulation of experience, MICHELIN Desert Race tires not only in vehicle handling and tire life mileage has been significantly improved on, and has excellent lateral stability, so that vehicles are less likely to slip.

Previously, a total of eight Michelin racing tires in the MICHELIN Desert Race the new test, including the 2010 Dakar Rally motorcycle champion, KTM / Michelin rider Desmond Price - "MICHELIN Desert Race tires in braking stability beyond imagination, people feel very safe. acceleration, but also provide a firm grip angle. this tire can meet the new generation of motorcycle road handling for a variety of needs . "

"Displacement of 690cc racing compared to the previous model, 450cc racing prototype will be required for different tires," Michelin off-road motorcycle race director Christophe Chatras explains, "The new model is more portable, weight distribution different from the past , engine and transmission power control and more efficient. in fact, 450cc prototype has a very high performance, high demands on the tires. the new MICHELIN Desert Race tire is for this new generation of specially built motor racing . this product is widely used, can adapt to a variety of road Dakar Rally, whether it is sandy or rocky road since last summer, the new Michelin Desert Race tires have received more than 3,000 km of competition test environment, but also run Rally shamrock had some stage for the performance of the tire will be the result of the Dakar Rally to prove. "

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